How Juan Pablo increased revenues by +10% while eliminating countless hours of work

3 0312

Property Manager in Miami outperforms the local market by over 80% thanks to Angel Host!



About Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo manages a portfolio of 6 short-term rental apartments in Montreal, one of Canada’s top destinations, which welcomed 29 million visitors in 2018.


The Challenge

Juan Pablo entered the property management industry with a good grasp on the opportunity. But he didn’t anticipate the significant time commitment and stress his business would entail. His biggest challenges were:

  • Setting the right prices
  • Responding to messages
  • Time management

    "It was a lot of unexpected work. Every morning I would have so many messages waiting to be responded to, and I would be stressed about responding to all of them quickly to not risk losing the client."


Juan Pablo manually managed his listings and the pricing and says it often felt like a guessing game.


"It was very, very manual, and a lot of work. Sometimes I got lucky (...) but then sometimes, the week would get closer and I would start reducing the price and then I ended up giving away the rental for almost nothing."


He was looking for a solution that could:

  • Help his listings generate steady, dependable income.
  • Find the most strategic rates to maximize bookings for each property.
  • Free up his time to concentrate on other important tasks and to grow his business.




The solution

"I had limited time to do all the different was always a struggle on where to spend my time." Juan Pablo chose Angel Host’s solution, which included:

  • A new rental listing for each property, for use across all major online booking platforms, including professional photos.
  • Dynamic pricing optimization using next-generation technology and expert revenue managers.
  • A multilingual team to handle all guest inquiries 24/7
  • A detailed monthly progress report.

"Juan Pablo credits his success over the past year to Angel Host’s “algorithms,
dynamic pricing, and instant, automatic replies… all those best practices."


The results

+10% incremental revenue generated by Angel Host.

Juan Pablo is enjoying great results, and says Angel Host’s fee is a bargain considering that the increase in revenue more than covered the fee while at the same time freeing up a lot of time from his busy schedule.

"They generate much more than 10% incremental revenue, and it would cost me more than 10% to hire someone to help me."


+14hrs saved per week on guest correspondence.

Juan Pablo estimates that he now saves more than 2 hours per day on guest correspondence alone. He has also saved countless hours on the other tasks involved in managing his listings.

"The hours that I was spending with those units, it was time that in the end cost money, because I couldn’t spend that time expanding my business, or improving the quality of the units."


How likely Juan Pablo would be to recommend Angel Host?

"5 out of 5, it's a no-brainer!"

So would Juan Pablo recommend Angel Host to other Property Managers? Without a doubt.

"My advice to property managers is that they’re going to save a lot of time and get incremental revenue...simple as that."