How Monica in the Mayan Riviera Increased Her Properties Revenues by up to 80%

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Property Manager in Miami outperforms the local market by over 80% thanks to Angel Host!

monica latido de mexico
"Worrying about all your listings all the time, keeping them up to date, making sure you’re using every single capability - that’s a lot of work."

Monica Harlief - Founder of Latido de Mexico


About Monica

Monica owns a property management company which manages over 30 vacation rental properties in Playa del Carmen, one of Mexico’s largest and most important vacation destinations in the Mayan Riviera. Originally from Holland, Monica has lived in Playa del Carmen for over 15 years and has been managing properties for more than 10, always providing superior service to both owners and guests.


The Challenge

With over 15,000 short-term rentals and thousands of hotel rooms, Playa del Carmen has become a highly competitive vacation rental market. Over the past few years, Monica witnessed how only the best-managed properties were getting a larger piece of the tourist market. During her 10 years managing properties, Monica has seen fluctuations in demand and occupancy rates, but a recent problem with seaweed coupled with some unfortunate news of insecurity in the area made this competitive market even more challenging and unpredictable.

Monica had been setting seasonal prices each year but knew she needed dynamic pricing to help her maximize bookings and revenue. Her biggest challenge was finding the time to update and optimize all her listings across all online platforms. She felt that she wasn’t using each Online Travel Agency (OTA) to its full capability, and despite a recent increase in competition, she needed to deliver the revenues that property owners were expecting.


Monica was looking for a solution that could help her:

  • Help her listings get results in a highly competitive market
  • Find the most strategic rates to maximize bookings for each property
  • Fully capitalize on all the different functionalities of each OTA
  • Keep all her listings up to date across multiple platforms
  • Free up her team to concentrate on other important tasks
  • Streamline processes and help her business grow




The solution

"I was looking for a way to work with a company or software that could offer dynamic pricing, which was the main reason I started to work with Angel Host. Turns out they offer a lot more!”


Angel Host's solution included:

  • A new rental listing for each property, for use across all major online booking platforms, including professional photos.
  • Dynamic pricing optimization using next-generation technology.
  • An efficient response framework for inquiries and 24/7 guest correspondence.
  • A detailed monthly progress report.

"It’s been a smooth transition for our property owners. For them, they’re still
working with us - the only thing many of them are seeing is increased bookings.”


The results

Angel Host now manages 34 properties for Monica. After 3 months with Angel Host, Monica saw:

  • 6x increase in properties entrusted to Angel Host.
  • 80% increase in bookings for some of Monica's properties.
  • 100% likely to recommend Angel Host.


"There’s definitely an improvement in revenues and booking, absolutely. In certain properties, we’ve seen an incredible increase.”

Monica anticipates that the time saved will allow her team to focus more on signing new properties and providing an exceptional experience to guests once they arrive in Playa. She’s very pleased to have found Angel Host.

"We started with 6 properties, just to give it a try. They were not easy properties - we did not give them the best-rented properties right away. But we figured that if they could generate rentals with those properties, then they’d be able to do it with others."

They’re definitely specialists and I think they’re doing an excellent job. They’re very responsive, flexible - things are going really well. I’m very happy with them. I’ve been looking for a solution for at least 3 years, and I think we’ve found it!