How Phil Improved His Revenues by 42% in Just 3 Months with Angel Host


Property Manager in Miami outperforms the local market by over 80% thanks to Angel Host!

About Phil's Rental

Phil owns a 1-bedroom condo in downtown Toronto next to Union Station, the city’s busiest transportation hub, with roughly 300,000 people passing through each day. The proximity to Union Station makes Phil’s property very convenient for visitors coming in by train, and the downtown location attracts business travelers who want to avoid peak city traffic. While the desirable location ensures a high volume of incoming inquiries, with over 3,000 properties listed for short-term rental. It’s also one of the most competitive markets.


The Challenge

Phil struggled to keep his listing up to date and manage his rental. He wanted to improve his booking rate, but responding to the high volume of inquiries coming in at all hours of the day and handling multiple inquiries simultaneously was an immense time drain. He found himself constantly second-guessing his pricing strategy.


"Property management can be exhausting. I knew that from my previous experience in this industry. 
I was sure that I didn’t have the capacity to do it on my own."


Phil was looking for a solution that could help him:

  • Optimize bookings without impairing revenue
  • Produce a listing that would stand out in a highly competitive market
  • Maintain the listing across multiple platforms
  • Guarantee a rapid response time for all incoming inquiries
  • Find the most strategic per-night rate to maximize bookings
  • Build a strategy for long-term growth




The solution

"I contacted 4 or 5 property management companies and found Angel Host to be the most competitive in terms of their pricing, availability of staff, and clarity of their service model."


Angel Host's solution included:

  • A new rental listing for each property, for use across all major online booking platforms, including professional photos.
  • Dynamic pricing optimization using next-generation technology.
  • An efficient response framework for inquiries and 24/7 guest correspondence.
  • A detailed monthly progress report.


The results

After 3 months with Angel Host, Phil saw:

  • 20% increase in bookings.
  • 42% increase in revenue.
  • 96% occupancy.

Since signing with Angel Host, 95% of guest inquiries have received a response in under 15 minutes. Phil’s unit was fully booked for all of May, June and July, and is 96% booked for January--the peak of the low season--which is a higher occupancy rate than the property has ever had during the winter months. Overall, his revenue has increased by 42%.

According to Felipe, the three things he likes the most about Angel Host are:

  • The pricing optimization and dynamic pricing system
  • The ongoing communication with the guests
  • The great team, who handles all aspects of rental management

"Angel Host really hit the ground running, and they have ensured that my property is fully booked from May through the end of July. I get regular progress reports which show me how my unit is performing compared to other area rentals, which helps me understand how well I am really doing. I am thoroughly satisfied with Angel Host."